About Us

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, U.S., Synergy has a local team of client service managers, senior executives and project managers in both the US and India. By keeping our project management efforts close to clients, Synergy provides immediate access to key decision makers and allows for smooth project transitions. This allows us to build long-term client relationships and deliver high level of services.

Synergy realized the need to provide low cost, consistent and quality services for Medical Billing companies across the U.S who are plagued by high infrastructure costs, high-end technology requirements and high staff turnover.

Why Us

You can focus on your practice and your business. We do the rest.

What makes us the obvious choice as Business Process Outsourcing partner for busy Healthcare Professionals, apart from our evident knowledge, expertise and sheer devotion to our work, is the fact that our services and solutions go beyond being a mere means to an end.

Quality Assurance using Six Sigma tools and providing transparent Financial Reports to the practices Monthly, Quarterly and Annually (also whenever on Demand).

We follow separate training, orientation and acquaintance methodologies for trainees and separate methodologies for people with experience.

Medical Practice audited

Get your Medical Practice audited for free of cost

Auditing helps you to know your payments against billed charges, aging of claims both insurance and patient, calculation of AR days, consistency and comparative reports