Smart Assistance

1. Credentialing services and insurance paneling of doctors with all Federal and Commercial Payers.

2. Keen eye on your Medical Practice’s Aging and AR days, maintaining a benchmark of not more than 10% Old A/R (120+ day) of the total A/R and the average days in AR is 48.

3. Providing transparent financial reports/CPT wise reports/Denial reports/ Doctors wise reports/ YTD/MTD/ Payer Class reports, Aging reports etc as and when needed. Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Practice Performance Reports (PPR) are sent.

4. Setting up EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)/ACH (Automated Clearing House) and ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice- electronic form of EOBs) for quicker and easier way of getting Payments or EOBs from the payers.

5. Seamless Patient Customer Service is given and our phone number is printed on the patient’s statements.

6. Identifying Global Issues which hinder the payments and thus resolving them.

7. Medical Coding is done according to the Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and National Coverage Determination (NCD) to show medical necessity of the procedures/services.

Medical Practice audited

Get your Medical Practice audited for free of cost

Auditing helps you to know your payments against billed charges, aging of claims both insurance and patient, calculation of AR days, consistency and comparative reports