Insurance Verification

Most of the denials can be avoided with the appropriate billing process followed at the right time. We at Synergy provide strategic solutions to help ensure that the right steps are taken prior to a service being rendered. Our preventive measures to avoid denials due to billing errors include accurate scheduling, eligibility verification and pre-certification tasks.

• Validate appointment schedule from Hospitals/clinics.

• Verify patient coverage on primary/secondary payers via payer websites, Automated voice responses and phone calls to payers by our experts.

• Our team also contacts patient for any information if required prior to service being rendered.

• Provide all the relevant information to providers like Member ID, Group ID, eligibility, coverage start and end dates, co-pay information and update Physicians if any issue with coverage in patient’s policy.

• Obtain pre-authorization and referral details from Insurance Group and Primary Care Physician, as applicable.

• Update and edit demographic information for existing/new patients.

Medical Practice audited

Get your Medical Practice audited for free of cost

Auditing helps you to know your payments against billed charges, aging of claims both insurance and patient, calculation of AR days, consistency and comparative reports