1. Why Outsource?

At times, Medical billing becomes challenging and tedious. Being a healthcare professional, you have a demanding and noble task of seeing the patients which you love; Medical billing can be an additional task from your busy schedule. The objective of the medical billing industry is to offer fast, efficient, and error-free claims processing using computers to log and transmit claims to the insurance companies, minimizing AR and maximizing your collections.

2. What is Synergy Business Solutions?

A one-stop solution to all your medical billing needs, right from credentialing doctors of a new Medical practice until moving the bad debts to collection agency. Synergy offers fast, efficient, and error-free claims with a motto of minimizing Accounts Receivable and maximizing your collections. We maintain consistency in the payments, good at reporting and analytics and send you the PPR (Practice Performance Report) on monthly/Quarterly/Annually basis.

3. Do I have to change my Practice Management/EHR/EMR?

We do access your Practice Management/EHR/EMR remotely thru a secured VPN connection and FTP downloads securely.

On the other hand, we do provide our own PM/EHR/EMR for free of cost or at a very minimal cost.

4. Who receive my checks/EOBs/correspondences?

GO GREEN. We setup EFTs and EOBs with all the insurance companies to reduce the paper work and the tedious job of book keeping.

In case of EOBs/Checks, we change the billing address to ours and then deposit your checks in the bank and post the payments accordingly in the PM/EHR/EMR.

5. Are we obligated to have a long term contract?

Never, no obligation as such. Contract can be cancelled by giving prior notice of atleast one month. Moreover, we offer a 30 day free trial period to show how we are different from others.

6. What do you charge for Medical Billing Services?

We do charge a percentage of all Insurance and Patient payments you received monthly which involved our services. Also, we work on a portion of medical billing on FTE pay rate or claim pay rate.

Medical Practice audited

Get your Medical Practice audited for free of cost

Auditing helps you to know your payments against billed charges, aging of claims both insurance and patient, calculation of AR days, consistency and comparative reports