Medical billing services

You can focus on your practice and your business. We do the rest. We are not your billing services provider but we are your Billing Department.
Smart Assistance

Credentialing services and insurance paneling of doctors with all Federal and Commercial Payers. Providing transparent financial reports/CPT wise reports/Denial reports/ Doctors wise reports/ YTD/MTD/ Payer Class reports, Aging reports etc as and when needed. Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Practice Performance Reports (PPR) are sent.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Complete Billing Solution with a 90 day money back Guarantee!!.
Insurance Calling - Is your 90 and over aging less than 20% if not CALL US!!.
Next Day Appointment Reminder.
Patient Statement Sending and Payment Follow up.

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Credit Balance Resolution

Typically, credit balance arises when there adjustments, credits are posted and improper use of procedure codes or debit codes, duplicate payments or overpayments. When we do not address credit balance accounts on a timely manner, this will accumulate huge credit balances...

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Why Us

We Provide the Best Medical Billing Services

What makes us the obvious choice as Business Process Outsourcing partner for busy Healthcare Professionals, apart from our evident knowledge, expertise and sheer devotion to our work, is the fact that our services and solutions go beyond being a mere means to an end.

Who We Are

Synergy Business Solutions provides exemplary Quality Medical Billing Services at a competitive price, so you can concentrate on your patients and practice. We cure your Billing and Cash flow problems.

About Us

Synergy realized the need to provide low cost, consistent and quality services for Medical Billing companies across the U.S who are plagued by high infrastructure costs, high-end technology requirements and high staff turnover.

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